Machine Readable Passport


Machine Readable Passports have replaced manual passport system throughout in Pakistan. Whereas 36 Foreign Missions including Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi have also been equipped with facility.
Illegal immigration and human trafficking to Gulf as well as other European and developed countries, urged for issuance of a secured travel document. The salient features of Machine Readable Passports are: -
  • Conformity with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards
  • High Degree of reliability
  • Secure travel documents
  • Reduced human intervention
  • Facilitation to holders
  • Increased Security at borders
  • Control of transitional Crime
Ordinary/ Urgent Machine Readable passport is issued to all citizens of Pakistan.
Documents: Original CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or NICOP alongwith Original Passport and photocopies.
  • For children: Original Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA or NICOP and parent’s Passport and CNIC/NICOP photocopies.
  • NOC in case of a Government Servant.
Passport Delivery Timings: 8:00am to 2:30pm
Fee for all types of passports in realized by the UBL Branch situated with in the premises of Embassy, the fee structure is as under: -
  • Ordinary:          AED 151/=        Delivery after 20 Days  
  • Urgent:             AED 251/=        Delivery after 10 Days

36 Pages (Normal) 5 Years 151
36 Pages (Urgent) 5 Years 251
72 Pages (Normal) 5 Years 276
72 Pages (Urgent) 5 Years 451
100 Pages (Normal) 5 Years 301
100 Pages (Urgent) 5 Years 601
Lost 1st Time (Normal) 5 Years 302
Lost 1st Time (Urgent) 5 Years 502
Lost 2nd Time (Normal) 5 Years 604
Lost 2nd Time (Urgent) 5 Years 1004
36 Pages (Normal) 10 Years 272
36 Pages (Urgent) 10 Years 452
72 Pages (Normal) 10 Years 497
72 Pages (Urgent) 10 Years 812
100 Pages (Normal) 10 Years 542
100 Pages (Urgent) 10 Years 1082
Lost 1st Time (Normal) 10 Years 545
Lost 1st Time (Urgent) 10 Years 902
Lost 2nd Time (Normal) 10 Years 1088
Lost 2nd Time (Urgent) 10 Years 1806


Loss of Passport:
No passport application against loss passport will be entertained unless it is accompanied be a police report. Double and quadruple fee will be charge for fist and second loss passport respectively.

In case of third time loss Pakistan Mission abroad will issue emergency certificate for arranging deportation of the applicant to Pakistan, under intimation to the Directorate General Immigration & Passports Headquarters, Islamabad.



Submit of Bank fees  Time  :-  8:00 - 12:30

Submit of Token  Time         :-  8:00 - 1:00